Triple A Project has developed and introduced autism specific interventions and support for individuals who are at risk of  or have become in contact with the criminal justice system.




Socialeyes is a social skills learning resource that the National Autistic Society developed with and for autistic individuals.

Socialeyes does not ask people on the autism spectrum to change ‘inappropriate’ social behaviour, or to acquire social skills by copying the ‘typical’ behaviour of others. Instead, it gives people the option of learning social interaction skills or alternative social strategies.

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Triple A Project Navigator Programme©Navigator_toon

Triple A Project Navigator Programme was devised as a result of listening to the issues and challenges faced by many individuals. A Navigator is a hybrid of mentor, advocate, befriender and is matched with an autistic adult who is either at risk or, or engaged with criminal justice sytem.  The aim is to steer and support individuals towards a safe and positive life; building on strengths and navigating a path towards identified goals.

Positive Pals


Positive Pals is being created to provide a safe, social environment to make and sustain friendships.  This will operate physically and virtually around the county of
Cumbria.  Positive Pals will  enable and encourage safe
and natural friendships to develop and to tackle isolation without the threat of mate-crime.
Consultation and development underway – if you would like to be involved with this or would like to find out more, please contact Triple A Project for more information.