Triple A Project has a vision to encourage the acceptance of difference – problems associated with communication and understanding will reduce as long as we all keep listening to each other.

Coaching, training and talks are specially prepared and delivered to meet specific needs of requests received.

“Autism impacts on individuals in various ways, but it always img069affects the way we view and understand the world around us.   I suffer from the ignorance of others, not from my being autistic particularly.  Life is tough at times for us all.  Being understood helps each of us find our way, autistic or neurotypical.” (Lawson, 2014)


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Training Testimonials:

“Today I have gained an insight into what the world is like for a person with autism. I will be more aware of the way I communicate with others.”

“It has been a thought provoking topic – my understanding of autism has considerably improved.”

“Very informative and engaging – provided me with a great deal of knowledge.”

“Very insightful – this kind of information should be ‘taught’ to everyone to make people aware of the diverse world we live in.”

Talk testimonials :

“This was the most informative presentation I have heard about this subject in a long time”

“Very informative talk with personal insight into family life.”

“A very compelling talk which shed so much light on autism – useful to hear direct experiences. Very thought provoking.”

“Gave a very in depth description of autism and I will certainly understand more in the future”

“Extremely interesting and well presented – totally inspirational.”